RAT Room Parent Instructions

Welcome to the Read-A-Thon 2013 Room Parent Tools Page. Thank you for taking the time and helping us out with YISS Read-A-Thon. As parent volunteers we will need your help in managing the Read-A-thon for your classroom. Please find below a detailed list of Room Parent responsibilities for the Read-A-Thon

  1. Before Read-A-Thon:

    • As a room parent, your children are invited to be in the cast of the short skit, “Books Are the Golden Ticket” to be performed at the Kick-Off Assembly on Monday, February 4.

    • There will be two rehearsals from 3:15 - 4:30 on Tuesday, February 29 and Wednesday, February 30. If you are interested, please email jinhee.ra@gmail.com.

    • If you have any sewing abilities or artistic abilities (to create a backdrop of library books and shelves) please email jinhee.ra@gmail.com.

  2. At the start of Read-A-Thon:

    • Remind your teacher to collect each child’s Reading Log Sheet at the beginning of the week, 2/12, 2/18, 2/25.

  3. During Read-A-Thon

    • On Tuesday of each week (or Wednesday the week of Lunar New Year), collect the Read-a-thon Room Parent folder from teacher. Let the teacher know in advance if you would like her/him to send the logs through your child’s backpack.

    • Enter each child’s minutes in the Time Entry form and keep the Reading Log for each child. Remember to ask your teacher about whether D.E.A.R minutes were included in the student logs or whether you need to add 20 minutes per day to each student's total.

    • Return the empty folder to the teacher.

    • Inform the teacher that all minutes have been entered and ask her to update the classroom poster with total number of minutes read for the week (also available on-line)

    • On Friday the March 1st turn in all the logs.

  4. [OPTIONAL] Identify a Room Parent or Room Parents who would be willing to deliver cookies and milk or juice to his/her child’s class first thing in the morning on Wednesday, February 20. These will be eaten during the Mystery Reader’s visit and book reading. (Delivering cookies and milk/juice is completely optional and should be done only if the class has willing parent volunteers. There won’t be a reimbursement for costs. This is at your discretion and won’t be publicized.

  5. On Tuesday, March 12, please meet us in the B1 Cafeteria to collect prizes for your class. Please prepare the names of students who qualify for

    • Minimum minutes read

      • Grade K – read minimum of 150 minutes

      • Grades 1 -2 – read minimum of 400 minutes

      • Grades 3-5 – read minimum of 600 minutes

    • Participation prize

  6. After the Wrap Up Assembly please help deliver the prizes and distribute them to the children.

  7. A Pizza Party (or ice cream?) will be held for each class that has read the most minutes per grade; please help us with the arrangements.

  8. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us:

Thank you in advance for all your help.

Jinhee, Andrea, and Aaron

Co-Chairs Read-A-Thon 2013