Welcome to our annual celebration of reading, the YISS 2015 Elementary School Read-A-Thon. Our goal is to develop a lifelong love of learning and promote the enjoyment of reading through a variety of fun and educational activities. The theme this year is "Reading is My Super Power"and will begin on Wednesday, February 4 and end on Wednesday, February 25.

We want to encourage our children to read joyfully. All the events for this year’s Read-A-Thon circle around the theme, and of course the competition for prizes will be highlighted as well. Like last year there will be a school wide goal for minutes read. If the Elementary School students can collectively read a total of 624,225 minutes, Mrs. Birmingham, Mr. Garman and Mrs. Roll have agreed to the Pie Throw at the Wrap-Up Assembly.

What counts as reading?

The following can be counted as reading and can be recorded in reading logs:

    1. Silent reading by student

    2. Reading aloud by student

    3. Student being read to by another individual (K-2 only)

The following do not count as reading:

    1. Listening to an Audio book

    2. Watching video version of a story

    3. Reading textbook for homework purposes or reading textbook in class.

    4. Reading Korean books


This year’s Read-A-Thon will award prizes for the following categories:

A. Level 1

Requirement: hand in at least 1 reading log to receive a participation prize

B. Level 2


Grade K read minimum of 600 minutes

Grades 1 -2 read minimum of 700 minutes

Grades 3-5 read minimum of 800 minutes

  • Prize for reaching Level 2

  • 1 name will be drawn to win a chance to be: 1 Pie thrower

C. Level 3


Grade K read 1200+ minutes

Grade 1-2 read 1500+ minutes

Grades 3-5 read 2500+ minutes

  • Prize for reaching Level 3

  • 3 names will be drawn out of all students meeting the above criteria to win:

    • Cardiff Skate S2,

    • iPad Mini,

    • Samsung Camera

  • 6 names will be drawn to win a chance to be:

    • Principal for a day

    • 2 Assistant Principals for a day

    • Librarian for a day

    • 2 Pie throwers

D. One class per grade with most minutes read – Pizza/ice cream party of choice

Main Events

Kick-off Assembly - Monday, February 2 in Auditorium

Superhero Dress Down day - Tuesday, February 10

All students, teachers, and administrative staff to come to school dressed in their favorite Superhero costumes

Mystery Readers - Thursday, February 12

All we can say is that it will be mysterious!

Pajama & Pancake Day and Snuggle Up with your favorite book

All students, teachers, administrative staff and parent volunteers are invited to come to school dressed in their PJs and enjoy a pancake lunch on Wednesday, February 25th. You are welcome to “Snuggle Up and Read” your favorite book that day.

Drop Everything And Read (DEAR) Time

For the duration of Read-A-Thon, we are dedicating 20 minutes of every school day to Drop Everything and Read (DEAR). DEAR time is for everyone to read, adults and students in the school community. You can read anything you wish to; books, magazines, comic books, non-fiction, newspapers, etc. These 20 minutes count towards your reading log.

** IMPORTANT REMINDER:This year, we have included a column with the DEAR minutes for your convenience. Please add the time read and combine with 20 DEAR minutes to calculate daily totals. **

Caught You Reading

On Wednesdays during Read-A-Thon, PTO volunteers will go around with a camera to catch students reading. Students who are “Caught Reading” on camera will find themselves featured on the “Readers Wall Of Fame”.

Wrap-Up Assembly - Wednesday, March 11

All students, teachers, administrators will celebrate the end of Read-A-Thon and if the Elementary School collectively reads 624,225 minutes, Mrs. Birmingham, Mr. Garman and Mrs. Roll have agreed to the Pie throw at the Wrap-Up Assembly. In addition, names will be drawn for Level 2 and 3 prizes.

Thank you in advance for your participation and for helping celebrate the joy of reading.

Jackie Kang, Christine Yoo, Sung Hee Ahn

ES Read-a-Thon 2015 Chairs